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[IGSMAIL-3220]: updated <P1-C1> biases and cc2noncc

IGS Electronic Mail      05 Mar 11:52:50 PST 2001      Message Number 3220

Author: Jim Ray

With reference to IGS Mail #3212 (23 Feb 2001) by Stefan Schaer, updated
values for the <P1-C1> satellite biases are now available based on monthly
averages for the bias parameters estimated by the CODE Analysis Center
from data collected during Feb 2001.

      average <P1-C1> biases (ns) in PRN order:

      data bias /  0.039d0, -0.469d0,  0.104d0,  1.655d0, -0.634d0,     PRN01-05
     +             0.681d0, -0.192d0, -0.309d0,  0.317d0, -1.003d0,     PRN06-10
     +            -0.161d0, -9.999d9,  1.376d0, -0.391d0, -0.238d0,     PRN11-15
     +            -9.999d9, -0.695d0, -0.242d0,  0.541d0, -1.114d0,     PRN16-20
     +            -0.176d0, -1.664d0, -1.033d0,  0.708d0,  0.373d0,     PRN21-25
     +             1.022d0,  0.123d0, -0.323d0,  0.511d0,  1.621d0,     PRN26-30
     +            -0.426d0, -9.999d9, -9.999d9, -9.999d9, -9.999d9,     PRN31-35
     +            -9.999d9, -9.999d9, -9.999d9, -9.999d9, -9.999d9  /   PRN36-40

Apart from some changes in specific bias values, PRN18 is new.  For further
information please see .  These
are recommended for use by all IGS Analysis Centers and users of IGS clock
products, preferably starting with data collected on 18 March 2001 (start of
GPS week 1106).

The RINEX converter utility, cc2noncc, has been updated accordingly.  This
utility can be used to transform AOA TurboRogue, AOA ICS-4000Z, and Trimble
4000 RINEX files to be compatible with modern receiver types.  The Fortran
code is available at
(version 2.1, 05 Mar 2001).

--Jim Ray