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[IGSMAIL-4366]: updated <P1-C1> biases and cc2noncc

IGS Electronic Mail      06 May 05:57:00 PDT 2003      Message Number 4366

Author: Jim Ray

Updated values for the <P1-C1> satellite biases are now available and
recommended for use by all IGS Analysis Centers and users of IGS clock
products, beginning with data collected starting 18 May 2003 (GPS week

      average <P1-C1> biases (ns) in PRN order (from PRN01 thru PNR40):

 h 2003 05 18
      data bias / -0.107d0, -1.062d0,  0.149d0,  1.535d0, -0.890d0,
     +             0.596d0, -0.618d0, -0.513d0,  0.320d0, -1.658d0,
     +             0.755d0, -9.999d9,  1.559d0,  0.427d0, -0.947d0,
     +            -0.285d0, -0.858d0,  0.085d0, -9.999d9, -1.019d0,
     +            -0.267d0, -1.422d0, -0.745d0,  0.345d0,  0.611d0,
     +             1.322d0,  0.005d0, -0.096d0,  0.956d0,  2.065d0,
     +            -0.244d0, -9.999d9, -9.999d9, -9.999d9, -9.999d9,
     +            -9.999d9, -9.999d9, -9.999d9, -9.999d9, -9.999d9  /

As with the previous set of biases (IGS Mail #4279, 26 Feb 2003), these
are based on the monthly average estimates by the CODE Analysis Center
for April 2003 (for background see IGS Mails #2827, 9 May 2000, and
#3212, 23 Feb 2001, by Stefan Schaer).

Please note that since the last update the constellation has changed with
the addition of a new PRN21.  Also, bias values have changed significantly
for PRN07, PRN10, PRN16 (new last update), PRN17, and PRN22.

A new version of the RINEX converter utility, cc2noncc, will be posted at
the IGS Central Bureau later today with the biases above.  The previously
added runstring option to allow an external file of historic bias
corrections to be applied has been expanded to also supply the names of
receiver types.  If this external file option is invoked, both receiver
names and bias values will be taken from that file instead of the code.
The official file of historic bias values is <p1c1bias.hist>.  Users are
free to edit the file for use with cc2noncc using other sets of bias
values or receiver names, provided that the file format is respected.

Other changes since version 4.0 include updating to use Fortran 90, with
replacement of fdate with date_and_time.  The +U77 compiler option is no
longer needed (change made in the make file).  Changes in the list of
receiver types are the addition of "TRIMBLE MS750" to the class of C1/P2
receivers and "TOPCON GP-DX1" to the class of cross-correlators.

The new version of the program (cc2noncc Vers 4.3, 05 May 2003) and the
file of historic bias values (p1c1bias.hist) are being sent now to the 
IGS Central Bureau where they will be posted at

--Jim Ray