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[IGSMAIL-4463]: Proposed change in antenna calibration policy

IGS Electronic Mail      20 Jun 16:01:15 PDT 2003      Message Number 4463

Author: Angelyn Moore

Dear Colleagues,

It has been proposed that, effective immediately, when an
antenna+radome combination appears in the IGS network *for the
first time*,

  1. Calibrations with and without the radome will be placed into
     the file
  2. The calibration including the radome will be put into the file for
     this antenna+radome pair

Procedure up until now has been to record the presence of, and changes
in, radomes in igs.snx, but use only the calibration of the radome-free
antenna in both igs_01.pcv and igs.snx.

Any comment on this is appreciated at your earliest convenience at
igscb @

Handling the change to calibrations which include radomes for
equipment that already exists in the IGS will be considered
separately, since there will be quite a bit of coordination required,
in view of the time series already generated.

Best regards,
  Angelyn W. Moore, Ph.D.            Deputy Director, IGS Central Bureau
  JPL/Caltech                               Angelyn.W.Moore @
  4800 Oak Grove Dr. MS 238-540                   voice: +1 818 354 5434
  Pasadena CA 91109 USA  fax: +1 818 393 6686