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[IGSMAIL-5070]: Re: Traces of Earthquake in Earth Rotation

IGS Electronic Mail      29 Dec 11:38:44 PST 2004      Message Number 5070

Author: Urs Hugentobler

Dear Colleagues,

following some discussions started by IGS Mail 5069 I like to stress that the observation reported in that mail concerns a displacement of the measured y-pole from the values published in Bulletin A, which is a prediction. Since predictions need not be correct my statement that the displacement *is* caused by the earthquake was not careful enough. But the earthquake *may* be the cause of (part of) the observation.

In any case we further analyze our results, and I am interested in the results from specialists in earthquakes and polar motion excitation that will certainly be presented at the upcoming meetings.

Best regards

Urs Hugentobler