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IGS Mails hosted by the Central Bureau



Af Ref African Geodetic Reference Frame
G G O S Global Geodetic Observing System
I G E X Inactive - IGEX-98 GLONASS experiment
I G L O S Inactive - International GLONASS Service Pilot Project
IGS ACS IGS Analysis Centers
IGS AWG IGS Antenna Working Group
IGS BCWG IGS Bias and Calibration Working Group
IGS CB IGS Central Bureau
IGS DCWG IGS Data Center Working Group
IGS Equipment Files IGS Equipment Files announcements (, igs08.atx, antenna.gra, etc.)
IGS FGB IGS Governing Board - Former
IGS GB IGS Governing Board
IGS IC IGS Infrastructure Committee
IGS LEO IGS Low Earth Orbiter project
IGS MGEX IGS Multi-GNSS Experiment
IGS RFWG IGS Reference Frame Working Group
IGS RTWG IGS Real-Time Working Group
IGS SO IGS Station Operators
IGS TIGA IGS Tide Gaude Benchmark Monitoring
IGS TWG IGS Troposhpere Working Group
IGS Mail Major announcements relevant to the entire IGS community
IGS Report IGS Analysis Report generated by IGS Analysis Centers and Data Centers
IGS Station Notices of station status

Please contact the Central Bureau if you experience any difficulties at cb [at] igs [dot] org.