[IGS-RTWG-94] RTCM-SC104 Meeting Report

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The RTCM-SC104 meeting took place last Thursday and Friday (Jan. 31 and Feb. 1,2013 ) in San Diego Ca, USA. I'm happy to report that the RTCM-MSM format and related documentation was reviewed, updated and voted on. Last but not least it was PASSED.

As a quick reminder the RTCM-Multiple Signal Messages (RTCM-MSM) have the following features:

1) Full RINEX 3.0X Compatibility. This means :

a) All observations (code, phase, doppler, loss of lock and signal to noise ration) are available for each signal and measurement resolution is compatible with RINEX 3.0X

b) RINEX 3.0X tracking codes are used to indicate the signal type

c) All phase observations are aligned to a reference signal.

2) The RTCM-MSM is a binary format that has a very generic structure. This structure enables :

a) Easy (relatively speaking) extension to support new constellations and signals

b) Efficient encoding and decoding of observations.

3) Currently GPS, GLONASS and Galileo constellations are supported.


The RTCM-SC104 hopes to have the format fully integrated in the existing documentation and publicly available in about a month or so.

Other messages that are before the committee are :

1) Development of RTCM-MSM to support QZSS and BeiDou

2) Binary messages that would enable the creation of a complete RINEX file from a GNSS receiver stream.

These messages are listed as follows:

a) Station Description (RINEX Header)

b) Receiver Description including some state information such as : temperature, CPU load, num SV tracked, etc

c) Antenna Description

d) Met Sensor Description

e) Met observations

f) Station change control mechanism


3) Extension of RTCM-State Space Representation (RTCM-SSR) (GNSS correction orbit and clock corrections) messages to support Galileo, QZSS and BeiDou.

Atmospheric and ionospheric correction messages: both station and grid types.

4) Ephemeris messages to support Galileo and QZSS. Updates to GPS ephemeris to support CNAV.

5) Position report messages that contain accuracy (variance covariance) information

These proposed messages will be prioritized over the next few months and enter the documentation and approval process.

The next RTCM-SC104 meeting will be held in Nantes, France on May 22 and 23, 2013.


The availability of both RTCM-MSM and RINEX 3.02 is a critical component of the IGS MGEX project infrastructure. Hopefully, in the first half of this year we will start testing these formats and the required new IGS infrastructure.


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