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International GLONASS Service Pilot Project (IGLOS-PP)

Brief description
IGLOS-PP was a Pilot Project initiated in 2000 to track and analyze data from the Russian GLONASS satellite constellation. It also serves as an important demonstration of integrating new constellations and signals into the IGS framework. IGLOS-PP was a follow-on to the 1998-1999 International GLONASS Experiment, led by Pascal Willis (IGN). The IGLOS-PP was terminated at the request of the Chair at the end of 2005, because GLONASS data and products had been successfully integrated into the standard operations of the IGS.

Working Group Chair
Was Jim Slater of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Product Coordinator
Gerd Gendt
Previously, Robert Weber of TU Wien

IGS Products
GLONASS ephemerides. See the GLONASS area of the IGS Product Table for characteristics and download details.

Associate Analysis Centers
BKG, CODE, ESA/ESOC, IAC, MCC (providing SLR orbits for 3 GLONASS satellites)

Working Group Members
V. Glotov (MCC), R. Govind (GA), W. Gurtner (AIUB), A. Jungstad (EC JRC/DLR), A. Moore (JPL), C. Noll (NASA GSFC), P. Willis (IGN)
ex officio: R. Neilan (JPL), G. Gendt (GFZ)

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