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What's New

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    Information on the change to sp3c format for IGS orbits
21 Oct 2005 Jun 2005
    The IGS FAQ has been extensively revised.
17 Mar 2005
    The IGS Terms of Reference and several Policy and Charter documents have been updated. IGS now officially stands for the International GNSS Service. This change reflects the IGS' incorporation of GLONASS, and interest in future GNSS such as Galileo.
13 Jan 2005
    A summary of how well the most recent IGS analysis was able to determine the GPS satellites' orbits is available.
8 Nov 2004
    The overlap period during which the IGS will provide orbits in sp3 and sp3c formats will continue until September, 2005. After that, IGS orbits will be provided in sp3c format. Update your software accordingly! More information and links to the format specifications are available here.
5 Oct 2004 30 Aug 2004
    Information on switch to sp3c updated
14 Apr 2004
  • IGSStation mailing list split off from IGSMail. See IGSMail 4921.
  • IGS Site Guidelines and new site Checklist, available via the network page, reflect the new IGSStation list.
10 Nov 2003
    The Proceedings of the 2002 Ottawa "Towards Real-Time" workshop is now available electronically.
    21 Feb 2003
      A description of different types of monuments, their design and implementation are now available.
    30 Oct 2002
      A summary of evolving IGS data and metadata formats is available..
    4 Dec 2002
      Several improvements have been made to the Tracking Network area recently:
      • Maps of stations with GPS/GLONASS tracking are available
      • The station list denotes which stations are new, Global, hourly, or IGLOS (GPS/GLONASS)
      • Recent usage in IGS Final orbit products is noted at the bottom of the individual site pages accessible from the station list or clickable maps.